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Pre-seleciton done!

We are really happy to announce, that we finished the evaluation of the applications!The pre-selection was done by evaluation of the personal CV or audio recordings. Our pre-jury members, beside the head of the competition, Prof. Barbara Szczepanska and Simona Gjorceva was consisted of the musical critic, Dr. Lars Wallerang (Westdeutsche Zeitung) and Prof. Georg … Continue reading Pre-seleciton done!

101 Applications from all over the world!

We are more than happy to announce that 101 applications reached our competition! Before the deadline was over on 30th of November, we received: 32 applications in Age group A; 25 applications in age group B; 44 applications in Age group C from 31 countries around the world. Next move: Pre-selection! We are looking forward … Continue reading 101 Applications from all over the world!

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