General Conditions


1The competition is open to young pianists of all nationalities under the age of 20.
2The competition is open to public viewing and will be broadcasted via livestream on YouTube.
3The order of performance of the competitors will be defined through a draw.
4The repertoire must be played by heart. An exception can be made only for contemporary pieces and for chamber music in the third round. The order of pieces in the rounds may be set by the performer; repetitions can be played. It´s not allowed to play the same pieces in more than one round. Program change after the application is not allowed.
5Program change after the application is not allowed.
6Participants agree to broadcast on YouTube, homepage, social media and possibly recordings or broadcasts of their live performance.
7The competitor’s performance will be assessed on a point-based system. If a member of the jury has taught a competitor within the last two years, he or she will abstain from assessing that competitor. The results for each category will be announced after each round. The decisions of the jury are final and not subject to question, review or appeal.